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Blends Food Development Company ltd – Sin El Fil, Lebanon

 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate Matn District Sin El Fil - Jdeideh Highway, Yazbeck Building, 2nd floorContact Info of Blends Food Development Company ltd Sin El FilPhone Number: 01902930 (int: 009611902930)Phone Number: 01902939 (int: 009611902939)Fax Number: 01902939, ext: 20 (int: 009611902939)Website: www.blendsltd.comEmail: [email protected]: [email protected] (customer service department)LinkedIn: BLENDS Ltd.... Show MoreCollapseIfLongDiv(divContacts7882, 250, divContactsBtnExpand7882);Subsidiaries of Blends Food Development Company ltd Sin El Fil1•Waterlemon 88  -  Various Food Restaurants2•Black Pepper 73  -  Mini Market3•Living Colors 38  -  Various Food Restaurants4•Café Blanc 37  -  Lebanese Restaurant5•Cate in StyleCatering* Most viewed out of 5 places. Sorted based on total views of subsidiaries in the last 30 days, from Wednesday, 20 Febraury 2019 till today. 01902930 (int: 00961

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