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Paul Restaurant & Bakery – Lebanon

Since 1889, PAUL Bakery & Restaurant has stayed true to the heritage of French rustic cooking and traditional baking, distinguishing itself for its fine breads baked in the bakeries which are in full view for the customers, and its wide selection of quality French casual dining dishes and mouthwatering desserts.... Continue readingContact Info of Paul Restaurant & Bakery - LebanonWebsite: www.paul-bakeries.comWebsite: www.paul-international.comFacebook: PAUL1889.arabia... Show MoreCollapseIfLongDiv(divContacts222, 250, divContactsBtnExpand222);Branches of Paul in Lebanon1•Paul - Gemmayze 742•Paul - Downtown Beirut (Zaituna Bay) 583•Paul - Achrafieh (ABC) 414•Paul - Ghazir 365•Paul - Downtown Beirut (Rue Foch)* Most viewed out of 6 branches. Sorted based on branches" views in the last 30 days, from Wednesday, 20 Febraury 2019 till today.

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